Woodgrain Gloss

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Woodgrain Gloss 3D Decorative Laminates

High gloss woodgrains from Proco Coatings and Laminates are set to become one of the UK's product of choice for the thermoforming industry. With excellent stability in high temperature and fantastic gloss points after the thermoforming process, reducing the "orange peel" effect, our woodgrain gloss polymer films are ideal for ensuring your furniture range gets the very highest quality finish.

See our great range of gloss woodgrain polymer films below, or get in touch with Proco Coatings and Laminates today for more colour options.

  • Technologically advanced
  • Inspirational
  • Modern
  • Fresh

Gloss Woodgrain Polymer Films

Truffle Bardolino Oak HG
Natural Bardolino Oak HG
Bright Walnut HG
Dark Walnut HG
Light Zebrano HG
White Avola HG

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