Our Products

Quality finishes, innovatively designed

Proco Coatings and Laminates' huge product range includes the highest quality 3D thermoformable polymer films and PVC vinyl finishes, ideal for every furniture range and style.

As one of the most forward thinking companies in the industry, Proco have been able to develop many new and exciting surfaces, achieving the highest standard of quality and performance.

For every furniture range

Proco Coatings and Laminates' stylish, hard wearing 3D films are suitable for use across your home or office furniture range including:

  • kitchens and bathrooms

  • cabinets and cupboards

  • desks and tables

  • storage and shelving

  • panel products

Our innovative designs ensure there's a selection of contemporary, traditional and modern styles to choose from, and if you can't find the product that's right for your range - get in touch with Proco Coatings and Laminates and let us design the right finish for you.


All product photography was undertaken by Stratford Upon Avon School.